What We Do


We provide more than 2,700 great, affordable homes, creating places people want to live in, and around, Leith and north Edinburgh. We work closely with our customers and other partners to make Leith an even better place to live, visit and do business.

Back in 1975, Port of Leith Housing Association was formed to provide affordable housing and support for people in greatest need of a place to live. As a charity and social enterprise, we have now invested over £210m in regenerating the area and we provide services to over 4,000 people who call one of our properties their home.

With Persevere Developments and Quay Community Improvements now in the Port of Leith Group, we’re striving to increase the range of housing options and support services available in our neighbourhoods.

Our subsidiary Persevere Developments is providing hundreds of affordable homes for mid market rent.

Our social enterprise Quay Community Improvements has established a successful stair and office cleaning service. Its future profits will be ploughed back into regeneration opportunities in Leith and nearby neighbourhoods.

Through Community Works we also provide assistance to people living in Leith or north Edinburgh who are looking to get into work or progress towards working.

Overall, our ambition is to make Leith the best place to be and our strategic goals are:
• To make the PoLHA organisation and service delivery great
• To make the physical infrastructure, including affordable housing, and environment of Leith great
• To contribute towards making the availability of economic opportunity in Leith great
• To contribute towards making the social fabric of the community in Leith great