Cyclical Maintenance

Cyclical Work 

Our yearly cyclical maintenance programme covers things that have to be attended to on a fixed cycle. This includes:

  • Stair painting
  • Roof repairs
  • Rhone repairs
  • Window and door painting
  • Door entry system upgrades/installations

The above maintenance will often affect all residents of a communal stair and the Association will contact any independent owners in regard to carrying out these cyclical repairs.

Everyone involved in the painting of a communal area is offered the choice of paint colours and given the option of having their flat doors painted; the main stair doors are also painted.

Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

The Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) is a standard set by the Government to bring all affordable rented accommodation to an acceptable standard by 2015. Port of Leith Housing Association began SHQS work in 2006, and has an ongoing programme to bring all our properties to at least this standard. More information on SHQS is available from the Scottish Government website.