Factored Owners

Reporting a Repair 

If you would like to report a repair in a property which we factor, please call 0808 100 0403 or email PropertyAdmin@polha.co.uk. Alternatively, please see the page "Report a Repair" for other ways to get in touch with us. 

Ways to Pay Factoring Charges 

We offer a number of convenient ways to pay factoring charges:

  • by direct debit from your bank or building society account
  • by debit or credit card, either via the Customer Advice Team on 0131 554 0403, or online through AllPay
  • by bank transfer
  • by standing order
  • by cheque payable to Port of Leith Housing Association Ltd
  • or you can use your AllPay card to pay by cash in local outlets which accept them

When making payment please include your factoring reference number.

If you would like to order a new AllPay Card please contact the Customer Advice Team on 0131 554 0403 or email info@polha.co.uk .