Improving your Home

Requesting Permission

Tenants are encouraged to improve their homes.  However under certain circumstances permission may be required from the Association. Before carrying out any alteration to the property you must contact Port of Leith Housing Association to request permission. This includes showers, satellites, laminate, and kitchen alterations. After Port of Leith receives a request for permission a letter will be sent to confirm whether or not the works can go ahead.

Satellite installations

If we do not receive and approve a request for permission to install a dish we will request that you remove the dish from the building or we may remove it and recharge you for the works.  Your property might be in a conservation area so you may also require planning permission from the council before going ahead. 

Please note if you are in a recently built property we will not give permission to install an individual dish as there will already be a Virgin Media and / or Sky connection available. If you are having connection issues please contact our Customer Advice Team who will pass this on to our engineers to investigate.


Port of Leith will only give permission to install laminate flooring if you are on the ground floor.  As with any flooring within your property, it is your responsibility to uplift the laminate if access is required beneath the floor to carry out a repair.

Property Alterations or Kitchen / Bathroom Replacement

If you would like to make any alteration to the property please write in to request permission with any quotations and drawings you have obtained for the works.  Depending on the type of works you may also require permission from the planning department.  An appointment will be made for an officer to visit the property and discuss what works you would like to take forward. Any installation should be in line with our design guide and carried out by a qualified competent engineer.  Please note any installation you put into the property is your responsibility to maintain and repair.