Building Communities


Port of Leith Housing Association is actively involved in the regeneration of Leith and North Edinburgh. Since it was established in 1975, the Association has invested more than £192m in the area, using a combination of grant funding from Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh Council and private finance raised by the Association. In addition to building new homes, Port of Leith is committed to long-term investment in the local community, and is engaged in a variety of wider role initiatives.

The Development Team 

The development team, which is part of the Property and New Business Department, has the following objectives:

  • To co-ordinate and deliver the Association’s current development programme;
  • To identify and investigate development opportunities across Leith and North Edinburgh, and develop a pipeline programme of future developments;
  • To investigate innovative methods of procuring and financing new housing developments;
  • To provide a range of housing options and tenures, including social housing, mid market rent and housing for sale;
  • To develop non-social (e.g. mid market rent) housing on behalf of the Association’s wholly owned subsidiary Persevere Developments Ltd;
  • To provide for a range of housing needs, for example wheelchair adapted and family housing;
  • To streamline procurement to ensure efficiency, transparency and value for money;
  • To promote excellence of design;
  • To ensure long term benefits to the community;
  • To develop sustainable communities.