Leith's biggest social landlord, Port of Leith Housing Association (PoLHA) has joined the EdIndex choice-based letting scheme between the council and 20 housing associations and co-operatives.

It has recently completed the first round of bidding and will allocate properties this week.

Keith Anderson, Chief Executive at PoLHA, said:

"Rather than tell people who have reached the top of the list in points for housing need with us which property we will be let, they can bid for a home of their choice. A greater sense of ownership comes from personally choosing a home, rather than being allocated one.

"This is a great scheme and there is fantastic merit in joining forces with other housing providers in the city to allow people more choice in their living circumstances. Creating a sense of purpose and belonging are key commitments of ours and this undoubtedly supports that."

Around 20 PoLHA properties were advertised in the partnership's "Key to Choice" publication which was in the Evening News and also available to pick up at various points in the city. Properties are also listed online.

Current or prospective council or housing association tenants can choose from the available properties and bid on them by noting their details and interest in an EdIndex form, rather than simply being allocated a home.

The website is updated with new properties weekly.

Councillor Paul Edie, Convenor of Health, Social Care and Housing at the City of Edinburgh Council, said:

"We are delighted that an organisation with Port of Leith's commitment to service has joined Choice. This builds on an already strong and effective partnership delivering access to quality homes in the city."