100 days of COVID in our sheltered housing

12 August 2020

Our wonderful Sheltered Housing teams have gone above and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a snapshot of what they got up to in 100 days of COVID including 137,000 metres of handrails/handles sanitised twice daily, 8,349 wellbeing calls and 247 fish suppers delivered!

Infographic showing 100 days of covid activities.

Infographic text:

100 days of COVID in our sheltered housing

  • 8,349 wellbeing calls to tenants
  • 783 played warden call bingo and quizzes
  • 2,260 letters with important guidance delivered
  • 35 birthdays wished
  • 4,907 times staff supported tenants
  • 137,000 metres of handrails and handles sanitised twice daily
  • 484 partnership referrals to meet tenants’ needs
  • 247 fish suppers delivered to tenants’ doors
  • 1,052 mid-morning cakes enjoyed by tenants
  • 25 tenants joining the virtual North Coast 500 fundraiser walk

Other activities… story boards, recipe sharing, jokes and puzzles.

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