Our performance

Every quarter we report on how we are doing and publish this information here. For PDF versions of our annual and performance reports, see our documents page, or view our interactive  reports below:

Annual Report 2018-19
Landlord Report 2018-19

1 October to 31 December 2019




How quickly did we re-let our homes? 26 Days 27 Days
Percentage of rental income lost
on empty properties?
0.7% 0.57%
Total rent arrears (as a percentage
of rental income)
3% 2.3%


Percentage of emergency repairs responded to in timescale 98% 99%
Routine repairs responded to in set timescale 97% 97%


Complaints received N/A 46
Complaints responded to in set timescale 100% 100%
Complaints upheld N/A 51% upheld or partially upheld

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction with day to day repairs
95% 95%
Satisfaction with allocated property 98% 100%

Antisocial Behaviour

Number of complaints made
N/A 23
% Cases closed within agreed timescales 82% 77%


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