What we do

1. We’re landlords

Our vision: “Our communities are brilliant”

Our mission: “To make a positive impact on people’s lives in Leith and north Edinburgh by providing affordable homes and services, and creating brilliant communities.”

Our strategic plan

Since 1975 we have provided housing and help to people in need throughout Leith and north Edinburgh. We have now invested over £210m in the area and over 4,000 people currently call one of our 3,000 properties ‘home’. Our communities are brilliant.

Our strategic goals fall under three themes:

1. Brilliant Communities

Our strategic goals are:

  • To have engaged with communities in Leith and north Edinburgh to maximise our impact on meeting specifically identified local needs.
  • To maintain and grow services for, and in, local communities to support healthy living, and address social deprivation, isolation and exclusion.
  • The maximum number of tenants will be enabled to live independently at home.
  • Develop employability and other support services by supporting people to maximise life opportunities.
2. Brilliant Homes

Our strategic goals are:

  • To increase the supply of safe, secure, suitable and affordable new homes for people who need them.
  • To increase the amount and type of homes delivered by the Group.
  • All PoLHA properties will meet or exceed the minimum PoLHA Home Standard.
  • To reduce the number of pre-1919 properties owned by the Group.
3. Brilliant Company

Our strategic goals are:

  • To have a team of dedicated, skilled, professional people who enjoy great working conditions, and can learn and develop to fulfil their potential.
  • To have highly effective systems and processes for supporting the business and delivering excellent services.
  • To have performance standards in key functions of the business that are in the top quartile of any housing sector organisation.

Photo of Leith Fort.

2. We’re developers

We are actively involved in the regeneration of Leith and north Edinburgh. Since it was established in 1975, the Port of Leith Housing Association has invested more than £192m in the area, using a combination of grant funding from Scottish Government and City of Edinburgh Council, and private finance. In addition to building new homes, we are committed to long-term investment in the local community and are engaged in a variety of initiatives.

Our development team delivers a range of housing options and tenures, including homes for social and mid market rent.

Persevere Developments Limited was created in 2010 to help generate more mid market rental opportunities in Edinburgh. A wholly owned private subsidiary of Port of Leith Housing Association, it allows greater flexibility in funding, leasing and development than the parent Association’s charitable status would otherwise allow. This means we can build more homes faster so that people can live in high-quality, affordable homes in areas they want to live.

Download the PDL business plan 2015-2020

Photo of people playing rounders in a park.

3. Quay Community Improvements

Quay Community Improvements is a social enterprise set up by Port of Leith Housing Association. Profits generated through a range of commercial activities run by the enterprise are being put back into physical, social and economic regeneration opportunities in Leith and surrounding areas.

The Group’s vision is ‘our communities are brilliant’. Quay’s four strategic goals fully support this.

  1. To make the Quay CIC organisation and service delivery great
  2. To make the physical infrastructure and the environment of Leith great
  3. To contribute to making the availability of economic opportunity in Leith great
  4. To contribute towards making the social fabric of the community in Leith

For more information please contact 0131 554 0403 or email info@polha.co.uk


4. We help you succeed

Community Works provides assistance to people living in Leith or north Edinburgh who are looking to get into work or find great volunteering opportunities. We particularly welcome enquiries from Port of Leith Housing Association tenants. Our job is to help people realise that there are things that they can do, and to help them identify for themselves what they want to do and get them there.

If you are looking for help yourself please telephone  Rachel Hutton on 0131 553 8784  or email community.works@polha.co.uk.

If you are an organisation wishing to make a referral please complete the referral form below and email it to community.works@polha.co.uk.

Download referral form

You will be contacted within 3 working days. Alternatively, if you wish to speak to someone please email rachel.hutton@polha.co.uk.

5. Community initiatives

Photo of young tenants learning street art.

Through a number of activities we are aiming to improve the economic, social and environmental circumstances of the people living in the areas we work. Here are some of ways we are doing this

  • The Ripple project
  • Dr Bell’s Family Centre
  • Changeworks
  • YWCA Edinburgh
  • Scottish Government
  • City of Edinburgh Council
  • Multi-Cultural Family Base
  • Pilmeny Development Project
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Leith Neighbourhood Partnership
  • Bethany Christian Trust
Community development

In terms of community development, we are focused on creating a sense of place, reducing social isolation, promoting volunteering and supporting the most vulnerable. We are achieving this by:

  • Helping young people, ethnic minorities and vulnerable adults to develop social skills and confidence. In order to move into them into volunteering, training, work experience and eventually into permanent work
  • Building on the support available for individuals to maximise incomes, manage a budget and reduce any debt
  • Making better use of our sheltered housing schemes and community centres to promote volunteering and reduce the isolation of our community.
Community support budget

Port of Leith Housing Association has a budget of £7,000 to help support local Community Initiatives.  This year this money is being made available through participatory budgeting projects in Leith and Restalrig.

Participatory budgeting is  a way for people to have a direct say in how local money is spent.

Commercial lets

We also manage a number of commercial lets, including the Restalrig Lochend Community Hub, Dr Bell’s Family Centre, the Pilmeny Development Project, the Buchanan Street Social Centre, The Junction and 33 Dalmeny Street.

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