Community Works

The Community Works project helps residents of Leith and North Edinburgh to find work or volunteer. A combination of 1:1 guidance and free relevant accredited training will help you to impress employers or identify the best volunteering opportunity for you.

To learn more please contact: Rachel Hutton on 0131 553 8784  or


1. Coronavirus update: Changes to our service

With current lockdown measures in place, the Community Works team are working remotely.  We offer individual, quick-turnaround support tailored to your circumstances.

We take referrals from residents of EH5, 6 and 7.

People can self-refer by emailing or contacting us by telephone.

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2. Updating my CV

The purpose of a CV is to show that you can do the advertised job for that specific company, you understand the culture and you will fit in with the team. We can help you write a relevant concise CV that reflects your skills and promotes you to the employer.

3. Getting a response when I apply for a job

When applying for jobs, less is more. We can work with you to identify the jobs that best suit your skills and experience. Knowing what jobs to apply for and how to find hidden jobs is the key to success. Targeted job applications are more likely to get you an interview.

“Tell us why you would suit this role”

We can help you fill out that big blank space at the end of every application form so that you can explain exactly why you are the best person for that job.

4. Succeeding at interviews

Whatever you think your skill level is, getting some practice and feedback is always useful. If you find it difficult to answer questions such as “Tell me about yourself” or “What have you been doing most recently?” We can help you to impress interviewers and stand out from the rest.

We also provide competency interview training.

5. Returning to work after an absence

Returning to work can be confusing and stressful with no clear path. Working together we can work out what you need to make informed choices and find the job that you want at a pace that suits you.

6. Finding part time work

Finding flexible part time work to suit your needs can be tough. We can help you consider what you need and work out what jobs are best for you.

7. Getting a job in another sector

With all of the turmoil in Edinburgh, many people have been forced to look for jobs in another sector. We can help you identify your relevant transferable skills giving you the confidence to apply to the vacancies that do exist.

8. Getting into volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to prove to an employer that you have the skills for the job. It can also be used to show that you are reliable, can work in a team and act on your own initiative.  All qualities employers are looking for.  If you have not been working for a while, volunteering is a great way to provide postive proof that you are work ready.

Some people want to volunteer to  meet new people or learn new skills.  We can help with that too.

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