Cyclical work & SHQS

1. Cyclical work

Our yearly cyclical maintenance programme covers things that have to be attended to on a fixed cycle. This includes:

  • Stair painting
  • Roof repairs
  • Phone repairs
  • Window and door painting
  • Door entry system upgrades/installations

The above maintenance will often affect all residents of a communal stair, and the Association will contact any independent owners regarding carrying out these cyclical repairs.

Everyone involved in the painting of a communal area is offered the choice of paint colours, and given the option of having their flat doors painted, the main stair doors are also painted.

2. Gas safety inspections

For safety reasons, we carry out an annual Gas Safety service on all our gas-equipped properties. The service ensures the appliance is working correctly, efficiently and above all safely. This is a legal obligation, and it is essential that we can access your property to do this. We send out advance notice of the suggested date, but this can always be rearranged if it is not suitable for you.

The works include:

  • Inspecting and servicing your gas boiler and/or your gas fire and back boiler, noting any repairs that Port of Leith are required to carry out.
  • Carrying out a visual inspection of your gas cooker and noting any repairs that are required.
  • Inspecting access hatches to ensure the flue is intact and undamaged.
  • Carrying out a tightness test to the gas meter to ensure there is no gas escape.

The gas safety checks must be carried out every 12 months; however, it can only be carried out if you have gas in your meter. If there is no gas in the meter, it will be capped until there is.

If you do not allow access before the required due date Port of Leith will have to force entry to carry out the service, please do not leave it until the forced entry as you will be recharged for the cost of the locksmith and any locks that are changed even if you are in.

For further information on gas servicing please visit the Gas Safe website.

3. Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

The Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) is a standard set by the Government to bring all affordable rented accommodation to an acceptable standard by 2015. Port of Leith Housing Association began SHQS work in 2006 and has an ongoing programme to bring all our properties to at least this standard. More information on SHQS is available from the Scottish Government website.

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