Pests & vermin

Pests such as rats, mice, wasps, bedbugs, hide beetles, ants, fleas and cockroaches can spread diseases, damage homes and aggravate allergies. Treatment for most of the common household pests and minor infestations are the responsibility of the tenant.

1. Responsibilities of the tenant

  • Treating and paying for infestations by common household pests in their property, excluding bedbugs, cockroaches and rats.
  • Advising the Association of any infestation so that we can assess the cause and advise responsibility.

2. Responsibilities of the Association

  • Treatment of rats in individual properties and communal areas.
  • Treatment of bedbugs in individual properties and communal areas.
  • Treatment of cockroaches in individual properties and communal areas.
  • Treatment of infestations or pest problems of any other kind including mice in communal areas or where the fabric of the building may be damaged or compromised.
  • Blocking up holes in properties where mice are gaining access.

3. Advice on dealing with mice and rats

Rodents present a serious health risk, particularly in kitchens or where children play.

Some signs that you may have rats or mice in your property include

  • Scratching noises in walls or ceilings
  • Shredded materials
  • Damage as mice gnaw wood, plastic, cables etc.
  • Distinctive, ammonia-like smell
  • Droppings 3-7mm, spindle-shaped – found along walls or in cupboards

How to prevent rats and mice infestations

Where possible, store food in strong, airtight containers and regularly clean under cupboards, cookers and other appliances to remove opportunities for mice to feed.


Mice Infestations:

  • Poison and traps can be used to treat mice within the property and placed behind kickboards, pipe-boxes or other inaccessible places for children and pets.
  • Humane traps can also be set to catch mice and allow their release back into a suitable environment away from the property.

4. Advice on dealing with ants, fleas etc.

If you’ve found a few ants or fleas in your home, there are steps you can take yourself to help elevate the problem:

  • Proprietary sprays and powders can be used to treat infestations of ants and fleas etc within the property.
  • Clear up and remove food residue from worktops and tables
  • Securely put away all foodstuffs

Note: traps and sprays etc can be purchased from any DIY store or Supermarket but should only be used as recommended by the manufacturer.

Further advice can be obtained from the City of Edinburgh Council website.

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