Priorities and responsibilities

1. Our responsibility to you

As a landlord, Port of Leith Housing Association aims to make sure that the structure of your home is in good condition. This includes carrying out repairs to the fixtures and fittings and maintaining any common areas of the property.

Please view the repair priorities & responsibilities document here to see what repairs we will carry out, and what we would expect tenants to do themselves.

2. Right to repair

Our responsibility to you

Under the Right to Repair Scheme, you are entitled to a small number of urgent repairs carried out within a maximum time scale – we call these “qualifying repairs”. When you report a repair, we can advise you if it is a qualifying repair.

Your rights

If a contractor does not start the repair before the maximum time limit, you are entitled to instruct another Port of Leith Housing Association contractor to carry out the repair. We will then pay you £15 compensation and a further £3 per working day until the repair is complete up to a maximum of £100 providing there are no exceptional circumstances.

If our contractor has started a qualifying repair, but doesn’t complete it within the maximum time and you are not advised, you will be entitled to £15 compensation. The Right to Repair Scheme is subject to you providing access for the contractor and compensation may be offset against any rent arrears owed.

For further information a leaflet is available from the Scottish Government website.

3. Providing access

It is important that you are able to provide access to contractors. We will always do our best to arrange a time suitable for you. In certain circumstances such as gas servicing we have a legal requirement to ensure that work is carried out. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know so that we can make alternative arrangements.

4. Our repair priorities

We prioritise our repairs according to how urgent they are using the following categories (for full details, please see the document Repair Priorities and Responsibilities):

Emergency – 2 hours

If there is a danger to health or personal safety, we aim to respond to repairs within four hours of you reporting them to us, e.g. major leaks, no electricity, loose masonry. If it is impossible to complete the repair immediately, a temporary repair to remove the risk will be completed by the target time. If our office is closed, emergency repairs should be reported to our out-of-hours call service on freephone 0800 783 7937. If an out of office hours repair is an emergency, the out-of-hours service will send someone out immediately. If it is not an emergency, they will pass the report on to us when the office is open the next day, and we will then contact you to organise the repair.

Immediate – 24 hours

Repairs that cause severe discomfort or inconvenience, e.g. door lock failure, broken windows, will be responded to within 24 hours of the report. Again, if it is impossible to complete the repair in this time, a temporary repair to remove the risk will be completed.

Urgent – 5 working days

Repairs which cause discomfort or inconvenience but no danger to health and safety, e.g. minor leaks, running overflow. We will aim to deal with these issues within five working days of you reporting them to us.

Routine – 15 working days

Minor repairs which are causing irritation but not serious inconvenience, e.g. problems with the door-entry system and dripping taps. We aim to respond to these repairs within 15 working days of you reporting them to us.

5. Confirmation and feedback

For all repairs accepted by us, we post out a letter detailing the work that has been ordered. We also send you a satisfaction slip to fill in and send back to us (freepost) when the work is done so that we can check that the repair has been carried out correctly. Please let us know if you are not happy with the work done.

6. Identifying our contractors

For your safety, please remember to check the identity of anyone you allow into your home – our staff and contractors will be able to provide you with identification cards.

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