General info for tenants

As a Port of Leith customer, you have rights and responsibilities. Information about these can be found in the tenants’ handbook, which can be found in your tenancy agreement or downloaded here. Sheltered Tenants can click here to download the Sheltered tenancy handbook.

Tenants must seek permission to:

  • Sublet your property
  • Take in a lodger
  • Keep a pet
  • Make changes to the property – please see Improving Your Home
  • Transfer/assign the lease to someone else
  • Exchange with another council or housing association tenant

You should contact the Association on 0131 554 0403 if you wish to apply for permission.

1. Lettable Standard

The Association will provide new tenants with a clean and safe home. Click here for full details of the lettable standard.

2. Moving Home

If you wish to move to another Association property, you will need to make sure that you have completed an Edindex form to allow you to bid for properties that are available (please see ‘Applying for Housing’ for more). We advertise 10% of our properties with priority for Port of Leith customers wishing to move to another Port of Leith property, but you can apply for any suitable property advertised for a ‘mover’.

3. Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange with another council or housing association tenant can sometimes be a quicker way of finding a new home. You can find a possible exchange partner by visiting the House Exchange website which is free of charge and allows you to search for suitable properties.

When you find a suitable property, both you and your exchange partner will need to complete an application form for a mutual exchange, which can be downloaded here. We will ask for a reference from the other landlord, and we would typically only approve an exchange if you have a clear rent account.

4. Ending your tenancy

You must tell us in writing if you wish to end your tenancy and give us 28 days’ notice. The information leaflet which outlines the details we require from you can be downloaded here.

Ending your tenancy leaflet

We will carry out an inspection of your property and let you know in writing of any repairs we require you to carry out before you leave the property, to ensure that it is left in good condition for the next tenant. If you fail to do this, then we will re-charge you the cost of carrying out the repairs. More information can be found on the Ending your tenancy page.

5. Contents insurance

We would recommend that you arrange contents insurance for your home. We have insured the structure of your home (along with the fixtures and fittings), but this does not cover your personal belongings against the risk of burglary, fire or water damage, and certain types of accidental damage.

The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations has a contents insurance scheme available to social housing tenants – application forms are available at our office. Alternatively, you may want to try a comparison website to view other providers’ schemes.

6. Our responsibilities as a landlord

As a landlord, we also have responsibilities to make sure that the structure, fittings and fixtures of your home are kept in good condition and that we keep the property wind and watertight. We will also consult with you on significant changes to our relevant policies and services.

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