Getting involved

1. How you can get involved

There are many ways that our customers can get involved in both shaping and influencing the services we offer. We welcome and encourage feedback from our customers, as they are the people who use our services.

For more information on how you can provide feedback please look at our Customer Engagement Strategy Leaflet.

We will always consult with customers on housing matters that may affect them and the area they live in. For example, proposed rent increases and service charges, any changes to current services or policies, or the introduction of a new policy or service. If we are consulting on a change in policy and the majority of our customers oppose the change, we will consider these opinions before making a decision.

2. Tenant Led Inspection Process

Each year we also work in partnership with a group of tenants who choose an area of service they are interested in. They then review, scrutinise and make recommendations for improvement. We call this our tenant led inspection process.

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