Neighbour disputes

Antisocial or inconsiderate behaviour by neighbours can make life difficult for others. We would suggest that you try to discuss problems with your neighbour first, but if you feel that you can’t do this or have already tried this approach, then you should contact your housing officer on 0131 554 0403 to discuss the matter.

You should be aware that there are some neighbour issues that we cannot resolve and there are some situations and behaviour, which do not constitute antisocial.

Some problems result from the differences in the way that people lead their lives
and are not antisocial, for example:

  • A neighbour using a washing machine early in the evening
  • The sound of a neighbour moving around in the flat above
  • Children playing in an appropriate manner and at a reasonable time

We do not have the power to end someone’s tenancy and evict them. In order to evict we have to seek a decree from the Sheriff Court and must prove that there has been sustained, persistent, serious ASB, with evidence from neighbours, the police and/or the council, before the decree is granted.

For more information, our ASB leaflet and policy can be downloaded below. If you are experiencing repeat antisocial behaviour, it can be helpful to keep an incident diary, available below.

If you are experiencing problems with excessive noise, then you can contact the City of Edinburgh Council’s noise team on 0131 529 3030 or email:

If you believe that the antisocial behaviour you are experiencing is putting you or your family in immediate danger or you are being harassed or threatened, then you should contact the Police immediately.

Leith Police Station contact details are:
Police Scotland
29-35 Queen Charlotte Street
Tel: 0131 554 9350

Antisocial behaviour policy

Download (PDF)

Antisocial behaviour incident diary

Download (MS Word)

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