Paying rent

1. Paying your rent

Rent is the primary source of income for the Association, and it is important that you pay your rent to us on time, so that we have enough money to pay for the management, repairs, maintenance and modernisation of your home.

Your rent is due in advance on the 1st of the month.

2. Ways to pay rent

We offer a variety of ways for you to pay rent:

  • By direct debit (download form)
  • By debit/credit card or cheque at our office
  • By Allpay card over the counter at outlets with the PayPoint sign, online or at the Post Office
  • The Allpay website, mobile app (Apple or Google Play) or via their direct telephone line (0330 041 6497) with your payment card ready

3. Help with paying your rent

If you are on a low income, or on benefits, you may be eligible for help to pay your rent.  Depending on your circumstances, this might be from the City of Edinburgh Council (Housing Benefit) or from the Department of Works and Pensions (Universal Credit).  Please speak to your housing officer or the tenancy support team if you would like more information on this.  You can access information about welfare reform and read our Universal Credit guide here.

4. Housing benefit

If you are on a low income or on benefits, you may be eligible for housing benefit. Your housing officer can help you apply, or you can find more information on the council’s website. If you receive housing benefit, you can sign a form authorising the Revenues and Benefits department to send your housing benefit directly to the Association. Please be aware that this option will be affected by changes due to welfare reform.

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