Housing Provider of the Year

20 January 2020

Port of Leith Housing Association (PoLHA) has won the ‘Housing Provider of the Year’ award and came 9th in the Top 100 Index for its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion as an employer. The National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) Grand Awards celebrate the best organisations to demonstrate the FREDIE principles: Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement.

Last year the Association worked hard to develop its FREDIE culture with staff training focused on issues of diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness and equality, unconscious bias and mental health awareness. Mental health has taken precedence at the organisation over the last 12 months with a newly trained team of mental first aiders in the workplace.

Glen White, Corporate Services Manager, Port of Leith Housing Association said:

“We are thrilled to have been recognised as champions of equality, diversity and inclusion by the National Centre for Diversity. To be Housing Provider of the Year is a huge achievement with staff especially pleased at the outcome. For me the proudest moment was how people actively volunteered to get involved. This was a new approach for us having previously worked with consultants to implement new approaches in the workplace, but this time the changes came from the inside out as our staff care deeply about championing these principles.”

PoLHA would like to thank Caroline Wells, NCFD Advisor, for the inspiration and confidence she gave at our induction day and support throughout the year.

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