Get to know Emmanuelle Le Coz, Community Works

6 July 2020

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Meet Emmanuelle Le Coz

Part of our friendly Community Works team, Emmanuelle is an Employability Officer helping people in Leith and north Edinburgh get into work, try volunteering and enhance their confidence and skills. So what’s it like to be an Employability Officer?

What did you expect when you started as Employability Officer?
I really didn’t know what to expect to be honest… I didn’t know what the job entailed day-to-day specifically, although I assumed it would involve CVs and interview skills. I expected targets and timeframes, selection criteria and a certain amount of bureaucracy.

Was the reality any different?
It was refreshing to learn we were masters of our own destiny, so to speak, and our practices weren’t dictated by outside sources. In reality the job was all 1:1 work, and there was so much more to it than just CVs and interviews. It’s 50% about relationship building, the rest being matching jobs to the person, getting them some qualifications, encouraging them to think about their life experience and the value they bring to employers… people are their own worst enemies sometimes, and do not see the qualities they have. Making a CV with someone is actually a way of reframing how they see themselves, as much as it is about employment history.

“Making a CV with someone is actually a way of reframing how they see themselves.”

What motivates you in your role?
I am motivated by a desire to help, to make a practical difference and to become a reliable source of support for people who may not have had that before. A lot of clients are wary as they do not know what to expect, especially when referred by the Jobcentre. The first task is to establish trust and a genuine interest, without judgement.

Tell us about your greatest achievement
One of my clients got the first job we applied for, after just one meeting! We had just finished his CV and sent it off to the airport for a cleaning position, he was hired within days and absolutely over the moon. This man had been a carer for his mother for years and prior to that a self-employed window cleaner. He had little self-belief or confidence in his prospects. The wording we used in his CV brought out his qualities, his skills and achievements and it gave him a boost for the interview.

What has been the biggest surprise about working with Community Works?
How well I get on with my crazy teammates… takes one to know one, and all that!

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