Promote your Leith Chooses project

13 October 2021

This year’s Leith Chooses will be allocating a total of £56,106 to projects or organisations that will benefit Leith communities.  Port of Leith Housing Association is pleased to have contributed £5,000 to the fund. The projects that will receive funding will be selected by public vote. Take a look below to see how it works!

Step 1: Group submits an application form, for a new project (up to £5,000) – by 30 November 2021. The theme this year is ‘Reconnecting in Leith – Nourishment, Creativity, Sustainability.’

Step 2: All projects are showcased online via the Leith Chooses website throughout January 2022.

Step 3: Groups should raise awareness of their project and its benefits to Leith communities as much as possible. The aim is to show locals why they should vote for the project online.

Step 4: Voting by the public takes place online (24-30 January 2022). Anyone who lives, works, studies or volunteers in Leith is eligible to vote. and can cast three votes  each, plus a fourth ‘Boost Vote’

Step 5: The projects that receive the most votes from the community are awarded funds.

How can you make your project stand out and attract votes?

We at Port of Leith Housing Association have created a short guide to promoting your project on social media. With votes taking place online only this year, it’s worth putting extra effort into your digital communication channels ahead of the public vote.

Promoting your project on social media

This guide is designed for all levels and covers the basics as well as some little known resources that even the most avid social media users will appreciate.  Please feel free to download this guide and use and/or pass on to colleagues. Good luck!

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